Submit a Presentation for the ISARH Symposium

Submission Deadline
Please submit your presentation proposal before 25 February 2016.

Where to Send Your Presentation
Please email your presentation to symposium [at] isarh [dot] com, with "Presentation Submission" in the subject line. Be sure to provide your name, associated institution (if any), and a copy of your CV (attached). The presentation itself should be attached (i.e. not copied-and-pasted in the body of the email) as either a Word document or in .rtf or .txt format. All presentations submitted to the Symposium should include a brief abstract. The abstract must be no longer than 500 words and should be pasted into the body of the submission email.

All text (including quotations and footnotes) should be prepared in Chicago style and double-spaced. Times New Roman, font size 12.

Your submission, including footnotes, should not be less than 5,000 words and should not exceed 15,000 words. You will have between 20 and 30 minutes to present your paper.

Note on Recordings
Recordings (both audio and video) of presentations at the ISARH Symposium are the property of the Institute of South Asian Religious History and may be made available on ISARH's website.

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